Cait Stuff

Cait Stuff is a creative problem solver and interaction designer. She likes good copy and has an excellent eye for visual design. She holds an MFA from the New School in NYC, and uses her skills with words and images to craft logos, covers, promotional materials, and inspirational writing.

Cait has lived in New Orleans, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, New York City, Austin, and now Boston. In all of her travels, she has strived to make connections, create change, and inspire those around her. She is a social media junkie with 20 years experience making connections digitally. She loves Twitter, silly national food holidays, and funny hashtags.

Cait’s first job out of college was in nonprofit fundraising, and she has consistently made nonprofit volunteering a vital part of her life mission. In New York she wrote an educational booklet on the ecology of the East River, and in Texas she did fundraising and awareness work with a local eating disorder foundation. She currently volunteers for two nonprofits: Designed Future, dedicated to creating financial empowerment to at-risk individuals, and Unbound Visual Arts, a local Boston arts organization.